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Display multiple and different social media accounts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and #tag campaigns and posts

Easy Content & Social Panels

Display multiple and different social media accounts

Después de un rico día lluvioso, así el clima en #Ixtapa #Zihuatanejo 30 🌤 calorcito rico.


The Hype-est voice in #StarWarsResistance, @donald_faison, drops by Lucasfilm, we celebrate @diegoluna_ 's return i… t.co/ymEzSlpCUU


Show accounts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

How was your summer? We got back and found we had a new website 😉 You can check it out at t.co/iIpnIN46CB t.co/flG9kr494e


Displays as many different accounts as you want across multiple panels

'Mean Tweets' with country music stars gets very brutal, very fast t.co/OA1RnfkVnl t.co/hFDsfVqozS


RT @BBCEarth: Every battle. Every betrayal. Every risk. Every fight. Every sacrifice. Every death. #Dynasties. t.co/RGhagcix5r


Oiii Champagne Papi blew my mind tonight! Best production I’ve ever seen hands down and way up there with one of my… t.co/OXpAlcyJYO


Choose and easily add #tag (hashtag) campaigns and feeds to display on your website

I don’t know what potent cocktail of circumstances I inadvertently mixed tonight before re-watching… t.co/Pn9iJ8E7Zw


RT @yasu_t0922: 「スーサイド・スクワッド」カタナ役、 福原かれん さん! 僕も出演してる「沈黙-サイレンス-」を、お母様と観てくれたみたいで「いつか共演しましょう!」と約束して来ました! #福原かれん #KarenFukuhara #スーサイドスクワッド…


Easily add customisable, mobile friendly, variable width panels to display a mix of your Posts, Images, Text, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram posts and Video on your website.

Customisable grid panels containing your latest Tweet, Facebook or Instagram post, WordPress post, a Video or a Custom element. Multiple options, fully customisable, powerful social and content plugin. Up to 5 panels per row. As many rows as required to create you panel grid. Panel widths and what’s displayed in each one totally customisable by width, height, links, icons, text, image, rollover states.

Customisable features:

Panel settings:

  • Number of panels per row
  • Height of the row
  • Width of each panel in the row
  • Border (thickness and color) of the panels
  • Space between the panels
  • Image link overlay color
  • Font size
  • Line height
  • Font primary color
  • Font hover color

Element types:

  • Supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter social accounts and #tags
  • Display multiple, different, social accounts in your panels
  • Tweet (latest, before-last, second-to-last, etc…)
  • Choose to show Instagram image, video or image and video
  • Facebook post (latest, before-last, second-to-last, etc…)
  • WordPress post (latest, before-last, second-to-last, etc…)
  • Video (YouTube link or file link)
  • Custom

Video options:

  • Autoplay on page load (works also with YouTube video)
  • Keep paused and play on hover
  • Autoplay with sound off / Unmute on hover
  • Autoplay with sound off / Rewind to beginning and unmute on hover
  • Full screen on click (double click with YouTube)

Element content:

  • Background image
  • Background color
  • Icon (twitter/facebook and more, or just text icon)
  • Text
  • Link
  • Label for the link